Ways of reduce your Carbon Footprint

A “carbon footprint” is a measurement of all of the greenhouse gases we produce, individually and collectively and we humans are responsible for this from both primary and secondary sources. Your garden is already the greenest part of your home. Yet there is more you and your garden can do to help save and protect the environment. Use these steps to reduce your carbon footprint in the garden and in your rooftop.


Grow your own vegetables and fruits in your garden and plant slow growing grass that require less water and need to be mowed less often. In addition in planting trees and plants , if you and your family can maintain a fruit and vegetable garden in your own garden or your back yard you and your family will not only save money on groceries and gas and eat healthier , fresher and tastier food you will also reduce your carbon footprint in a smaller way and help save our earth in return. Click on our “ home garden products “ and see the range of organic and hydroponic products that we at Bee Green have in-line to offer for your Home Gardeners and greenhouses..


Rooftop gardening is now has become a “must have“ thing when you think of building a sky riser. Specially in highly congested cities where there is a sever rise in air pollution , by making your concrete roof a garden where you can in return give something back to mother nature by making your own carbon footprint will be a great achievement . It is scientifically proven that you can reduce 20% – 30% energy. Find out ways how you can make your concrete roof a green roof by visiting our website and see the products we have in store for you.

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