Reasons to Select Us as Your Coir Fiber Exporters of Choice

As coconut coir fibre based exporters in Sri Lanka, Bee Green Exports focuses on making products that are 100% natural, biodegradable, compostable, re-cyclable  and environmentally friendly. We believe that nature already knows how to stimulate the natural growing process, and we manufacture products that aligns with it and meet your gardening needs. The material comes from the outer shell of coconuts, and has a very low rate of decomposition. This means it’s very durable and is commonly woven into textiles to improve moisture absorption and control erosion.

Dedicated to a High-Quality Outcome

At Bee Green Exports, we’ve worked since 2010 to continually meet the needs of our client base by understanding specific requirements and developing items to fulfill them. For example, we carry weed control mats that are covered with a layer of natural latex. Since light cannot penetrate the mats, weeds are unable to grow, especially around the bases of young trees.

All products are processed and packedin our factories based in the Coconut Triangle  in Sri Lanka.

Overseeing the Process from Start to Finish

We exercise strict control over the manufacturing and shipping process, so you can look forward our prompt service that fits your needs. All of the products available on our website are naturally derived, and we do not believe in adding anything that would interfere with the purity of the product.

While working as manufacturers in Sri Lanka, we are able to meet customer demands, because we are located in an area which is known as a “Coconut Triangle,” and also have the advantage of modern equipment. Contact us now and learn more about the products we have in-line to offer.

A Smart Choice

The coconut fibres, The peat and the husk chips are either brown or white. The brown variety comes from coconuts that are fully developed, whereas the latter type is harvested from immature coconuts. The Coconut / Coir peat is used for many industries in the recent pass. Its now being used as a Oil Spill absorbent product apart from using as a growing medium. The husk chips are also very commonly used as a mulching agent. We at “ Bee Green Exports “ are specialized in manufacturing products ( value added OR raw use ) as per the specific quality requirements of our end user.

Other Differences Between the Fibres

Generally, the brown fibres are very strong and resistant to sun damage, so they’re often used for mats that go outside, such as those used in gardens. As a final step, the material is sprayed with fine coating of natural latex.

On the other hand, the white coconut fibres extracted from immature coconuts often end up as twisted coir fibre products such as yarns and ropes, and then become components in products like mattresses. When thousands of the fibres are bonded together with natural rubber, the effect is very similar to the metal springs found in traditional mattresses, giving an eco-friendly and comfortable outcome. In some cases, such as when the purchaser desires a more luxurious experience, coir mattress fibre materials are accompanied by kapok quilting for extra softness.

Bee Green Exports, An Exporter in Sri Lanka . . .

Bee Green Exports is an exporter of Coconut coir fibre, coco peat and husk chip products that was established in 2010. We recognize that people often need to buy our items in bulk, such as in the form of coir fibre bales and coco peat blocks , briquettes and grow bags. The material from a bale comes neatly packaged for easy transport, so it can become a filling for mattresses, plus items like car seats.

We use a manufacturing process where it ensuring the material reaches you in top quality condition. The majority of the products on our website cater to horticulturalists, making it easy to add the raw materials from coir fibre and coco peat products to your garden.

Whether you want to depend on coir mattress fibre while sleeping, or are ready to use related materials to nurture your garden, We at Bee Green Exports are ready to serve you.


Introduction of Product Coir Mattress Fibre
Raw Material Specifications
Raw Material Coir Mattress Fibre
Sieving According to buyers requirement
Drying Sundry
Moisture content Below 15%
Fibre length According to buyers requirement
Impurities Below 2%
Categories of Products
Weight (Kg) 120Kg – 150Kg
Size (cm)
Compression Ratio
Dry Volume
Wet Volume
Wrapping In steel strapping or yellow strapping
Loading Cartons
Capacity in Palletized
a 40′ H/C Bulk 170 Bales / 25.5 M. T.