So many of Earth's living things — from plants to trees to the grass in your front lawn — are green. ... The overall goal of environmentalism is to protect and conserve the Earth's environment. Everything we do has an impact on the environment — either good or bad.

Green living and being green has been somewhat as a trend for the last couple of years now, because people are trying to incorporate more and more lifestyle changes in their daily routines, to live in a way that harms the environment as little as possible, that way helping to preserve our planet and the ecosystem. So whether you are just thinking about green living or actually attempting to live green, here are some resents as to why our company “ Bee Green” plays a big roll in making this possible.

The biggest benefits from green living are obviously the environmental benefits that comes with being green. Steps such as Recycling , Pollution Reduction, Nature Conservation , Plant and Tree cultivation and Rooftop Gardening will all create much more sustainable world for us and for our future generations. It is a well-known fact that if we don’t start to think more about the environment and don’t start to consider its preservation as a part of our daily live, in a couple decades we will be forced to live in a much different world. Just look at what is happening right now with global warming and all the other environmental changes. So by living green and thinking green, we will help our environment to continue on and to maintain it as it is now, which will benefit not only to the environment itself, but frankly speaking, it will benefit to ourselves as well. Taking the above facts into consideration, We at Bee Green has taken the initiative to manufacture and develop products that are uniquely designed to prevent environmental pollution and to naturally conserve the planet. The products that we have in-line to offer are 100% natural , biodegradable and environmental friendly. You do not have to think twice when you purchase products from us, you can be assure that your purchase will in return save our planet.

Bee Green is the only company in it’s industry in Sri Lanka to manufacture over 200 products that are purely made out of coconut coir fibre , coco peat and coconut husk chips , manufacture products that are made to international quality standards , exporting directly from our manufacturing plants in Sri Lanka to many countries around the world under our own brand name and most importantly you can buy the range of products that we have in-line to offer on-line where you can save time and money.

What’s unique about us is that When you visit our website you have the choice to buy your preferred coconut base product/s on-line if you are a small timer trying for the first time or you can buy in bulk as if you are importing directly from a manufacturing factory. Whether you are looking to buy hydroponic grow bags , propagation trays , Bio garden mats for rooftop gardening , geo-textile coir nets for erosion control or Bio-Sorb oil absorbent cans/bags etc… We have special ex-factory prices for all bulk base orders when you order in bulk.

So do not waist time, place your orders on-line or buy in bulk and make a difference by simply thinking green and buying 100% natural , biodegradable and eco-friendly products from us and make that change today.