Coconut Coir Pith commonly known as COCO PEAT is made from the coconut husk and it’s a by-product from the coconut. Coco peat is a versatile growing medium that’s a great alternative to peat moss. Garden professionals all over the world depend on it to keep their plants thriving, as do hobbyist gardeners who wants to take pride in an activity they do in spare time. Whether your garden is located indoor or outdoor, this product can suite your needs, especially if your eager to support sustainable environmental practices.


One of the most convenient advantages of using our products is that it comes in a verity of forms. Get ready to grow everything from gorgeous orchids to bell peppers and cucumbers. Whatever you are trying to cultivate coco peat offer a wide variety of formats, such as in block, briquette, cubs, pellets and in grow bags. We at Bee Green Exports have realized that gardeners, Landscape Architects, Green house owners and Large scale growers  have ever – changing needs, so there an ongoing effort to offer the horticultural and the agricultural markets around the world in many different types of coco peat to match particular crops.


Bee Green Exports is a manufacturing company based in Sri Lanka that focuses on tapping into natural resources to help nature sustain itself. Instead of adding harsh chemicals to artificially stimulate the growing process, we stand among manufactures in Sri Lanka that keeps our products pure with natural ingredients.


We’ve been in business for over a decade and label all our items with “ HOE TO USE “ instructions,  plus useful hints and suggestions to help your garden flourish. All coco peat exporters are not the same.When you brows our website , you’ll discover how there are many ways to try the product whether you’re familiar with our products or just trying it for the first time,

We also take pride in ourselves on prompt delivery throughout around the world. Contact us today about our products range and shipping options to suite your requirements.

Beyond Traditional Potting Soil : Using Innovative Products in your Garden

Whether you’re an experienced horticulturalist, or just starting to learn ,its important to experiment with different products that can make your efforts more productive. Coco peat blocks are great examples of items engineered to help your crops remain healthier through the season. They come from coconut husk and are biodegradable. Offering advantages beyond those of potting soil, this product stores and releases nutrients and has good oxygenation properties. Nurture your green thumb with these products and others today…

A Range Of Possibilities

At Bee GreenExports , we have been in business since 2010, No matter what your needs are, we ‘re ready to fill them.  For example, our coco peat briquettes are available either wrapped in plastic, or free from external packing and ready to use right away. Retail packs include individual shrink wrap with a customer’s label, while a bulk pack comes on pallets and stretch wrapped. The latter option is great for professional nurseries or other clients who need large quantities of coco peat briquettes. For options that are more portable, reach for coco peat Discs. These cylindrical choices fit in the palm of a hand, and are very effective.

Alternatively, hydroponic coco peat grow bags are very economical and can be easily transportable. Just add water to reconstitute the material and it’s a ready to use product. Coco peat grow bags are commonly used in greenhouses and nurseries to grow tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, strawberries etc.. where it give a better yield than the other products that are available in the market. Bee Green Exports also carries a substance called Magic Soil. It’s a potting soil mixed with fertilizer and can be used for lawns, fruits, vegies and for foliage plant. It also has a five year lifespan in the soil, and is also made entirely from organic materials.  Try it for your flower beds, fruits and foliage…


Raw Material Coir Fibre Pith / Coco pith / Coco peat
Sieving 1/4 “ , 1/2 “ or 3/4 “ mesh
Drying Sun Dry
Moisture content  Below 20%
pH 5.5 – 6.5
Electrical Conductivity ( E.C ) Below 0.5 ( minimum ) mS/cm